Highly recommend Miranda Bunge if you have vertigo, recovery from injury or need a cheerleader for your soul. At a deep heart level she loves what she does and knows her craft. She can offer important modalities to help your recovery. Very grateful for Miranda. -J.B.

Does the room sometimes seem that your standing on a merry go round?  Do you have times when the room seems to be rolling over you like you standing inside a slot machine? These things can be cured. I spent 20 years suffering off-and-on bouts of this which doctors said was vertigo and prescribed some medicines to help. It always came back in a couple of weeks or months after I finished the medication.  Then I had the good fortune to become a patient of a physical therapist who knew what to do. After she treated me for my problem, I no longer have vertigo and this has been five months now so I am glad to recommend her to you if you have this problem. She cares for her patients, she wants to help them and will do all she can to help you overcome any physical limitations you may have.  I am a better, happier person because of her help. -A.S.

After I broke my neck in 2006, Miranda helped me regain use of muscles not used in months. We discussed my vertigo and she eagerly showed me techniques to control my dizziness. I wholeheartedly recommend Miranda Bunge! -T.K.

Dr. Miranda Bunge is a remarkably gifted physical therapist. She has been essential to both my recovery of a knee injury and my long-term management of migraines related to chronic TMJ. -R.O.

Very knowledgeable, professional and courteous, tremendous help with rehab of my shoulder. -D.C.