In person and Telehealth services for vestibular therapy (dizziness), balance, orthopedic conditions, headaches, TMJ problems, stress management and chronic pain. We offer free phone consultations!

In person treatments include:

Home visits in Anacortes, Mount Vernon and on Whidbey Island. Office space in Anacortes for out of town clients

Intramuscular/dry needling for treatment of pain (including headaches, TMD and other musculoskeletal conditions)

Counterstrain for treatment of pain (including headaches and TMD)

Soft tissue mobilization

Treatment of BPPV (Epley and other maneuvers)

Assessment of orthostatic hypotension

Balance assessment and treatment

Assessment and treatment of concussion and whiplash

Assessment and treatment of orthopedic injuries and pain

Exercise prescription for orthopedic injuries, vestibular, balance and concussion problems


BIG for Life community class in Anacortes on Thursday afternoons at 2 p.m.

Otago Balance and Strengthening

Buteyko Breathing

Contract services for other providers